About Us

In 2008, Gold Party Canada pioneered the Gold Party concept in Canada. People loved the idea of going to a home party and making money – rather than having to spend it. And the environmental benefit, well, that was the icing on the cake.

One small Gold Party in Montreal quickly led to two in Ottawa, three in Vancouver, four in Calgary and so on until our little business was running Gold Parties in every Canadian city every day of the week.

Now, thanks to our growing team of Independent Gold Party Agents, we’re able to provide our one-of-a-kind service to hundreds of customers every day while still upholding the same principles that first caught the eye of hostesses, the media and the community at large:

Transparency: Assessments are performed in front of each individual seller and payment is settled on the spot. No flashy TV commercials asking you to send your gold to who-knows-where. No arm-twisting. No pressure.

Community: We believe in serving the towns and cities in which we do business with out-of-the-box fundraising initiatives.

Supporting women in business: An incredible 99% of our Independent Gold Party Agents are women – and each has the spirit of an entrepreneur. We work hard each day to promote their advancement and nurture their business acumen.