Sell Gold Jewellery By Hosting A Halifax Gold Party
Top Dollar Paid On The Spot

If the last home party you attended in Halifax was just like all the others and everybody felt obligated to buy something in order to please the hostess, it’s time you hosted a Gold Party.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to invite your friends, family and co-workers to a Halifax Gold Party where, instead of trying to sell them yet another product they didn’t need, the Agent gave them the opportunity to sell the gold jewellery they didn’t want?

At Gold Party Canada, that’s exactly what our professional Agents are trained to do – evaluate, assess and purchase unwanted gold jewellery in a fun, pressure-free environment. And with gold trading at a 30-year high, now is the time to turn orphaned earrings, tangled chains, broken bracelets and those gaudy necklaces from the 80s into cash.

Organize a Halifax Gold Party and earn cash for every guest who sells gold (including you). Our Gold Party Hostess Benefits are the most generous in Halifax – guaranteed. Contact your favourite Gold Party Canada Agent for details.

Private Consultation

If you're interested in selling your unwanted gold in Halifax, but would prefer not to host a Halifax Gold Party, contact us to arrange a private consultation at your home or office.