Sell Your Gold Vancouver At Our Gold Parties
Top Dollar Paid On The Spot

You know those Vancouver home parties where everyone feels obligated to spend money? We've taken that concept and turned it on its head: Instead of trying to sell you and your guests yet another product you don't really need, we buy the gold jewellery you don't really want.

Gold Party Canada has been featured on Global News Vancouver and and our Vancouver Gold Parties continue to grow in popularity.

Host a Vancouver Gold Party and your friends and family will have a blast sipping wine, munching on hors d'oeuvres and catching up while making great money. With gold trading at a 30-year high, they'll be amazed how much their orphaned earrings, tangled chains and broken bracelets are worth.

Organize a Vancouver Gold Party and earn cash for every guest who sells gold (including you). Our Gold Party Hostess Benefits are the most generous in Vancouver – guaranteed. Contact your favourite Gold Party Canada Agent for details.

Private Consultation

If you're interested in selling your unwanted gold in Vancouver, but would prefer not to host a Vancouver Gold Party, contact us to arrange a private consultation at your home or office.