Recycle Your Gold

There's great financial incentive to selling your unwanted gold jewellery at these record prices, but what many people don’t realize is that the environmental benefits can be just as great.

It’s hard to imagine, but in order to mine enough gold for a simple wedding band, miners must dig up 20 tons of ore. Next they use cyanide, an extremely hazardous chemical, to separate the gold from the ore.

This destructive practice creates significant waste and displaces wildlife – and it’s a practice that’s repeated every day by countless mines in all corners of the globe. But when you sell your unwanted gold jewellery at a Gold Party Canada Gold Party, you instantly become part of the solution. All of your items are recycled, which means their gold content is kept in circulation.

The World Gold Council estimates that only 25% of annual global demand for gold is met by recycled sources. Our hope is that more recycling will eventually lead to less digging, reducing the heavy toll wrought by traditional gold mining.